Friday, March 22, 2013

Old Bark's Cure


  1. We choose the disease Typhus for our project topic because it was a big desease in the book Old Bark's Cure.


  2. I admire this project because they put a lot of facts and I thought that it was cool that they did a project on a disease and I like to learn about diseases because if they tell the class what it is I can find out if I have that disease or not but I dont think I will ever get a disease that was like a long time ago.


  3. I really like this project cause it explains what Medicine Men did and that type of stuff but i really like this.

    By Stuyvie

  4. We decided to do our project on medicine men because in our book Old Bark's Cure, they talked about a medicine man and we thought it was interesting, so we wanted to learn more about them.


  5. I really liked doing the project "Medicine Men" because it was really fun and I liked learning about what medicine men were and so I got to learn a lot of facts. I thought once we read the book that we should do it on medicine men because I wanted to learn more about them. When people read my project that I did with Ellie and Skylar I want them to learn a lot of things about meicine men and what they are.


  6. I enjoyed this project because it tells all these facts about the medicine man, and it really connects to our little book. In our little book, it was about a grandfather that was teaching his grandson hoe to be a medicine man. But then, he got a very awful disease and died.

    By: Aleyna

  7. We decided to do our project on typhus because it was one of the diseases listed in the back of the book. We also thought it would be cool to do our power point on a disease.