Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rachel's Journal


  1. This is my project and i chose to do it on covered wagons in the 1800s because our main story was on a girls and her diary and she was in a wagon train in the 1800s.

    Justin Sm.

  2. I like this project because it taught me somthing I never knew about wagons like you use cattle to get across and I always thought they used horses. by:athena :)

  3. I chose to do our project on storms because in one of our big book there was a storm and I thought it would be fun to learn more about storms and the different kind of storms there are.


  4. I chose to do this project on storms because in our big book a little boy got stranded on a sandbank during a storm.


  5. i like the project Storms because I like how the girls had all different storms with all kinds of cool facts and the awesome looking pictures for the backround and how the picture goes with the kind of storm on that slide they all kinds of different facts i never knew about for those kind of storms


  6. I liked this project because it tells about all the storms,hurricans, and floods that occured during a certain time. I also liked how they related the project to one of the stories in our book or little book.
    By: Ellie

  7. I liked this project because not only was it easy to read and not blended in with the background, but I also liked it because it told me a lot of things that I didn't know and I think it was a very creative topic.


  8. I love how you explane about wagons and I holpe to see the next one


  9. We cose to do our project on storms because in our big book a boy got stranded on a bank during a thunderstorm. We also thought it would be cool to do it on different kinds of storms.I hope you liked the word art.